I am an independent journalist, based in Portland, Oregon, USA. I am an immigrant, from Australia.

what I do

The work I have done that people are most likely to know about is reporting on the political right in the United States and internationally -- from far right extremist groups, to radical right street protests, to conservative media.

But I have ventured extensively into other areas. I have done a lot of work on law enforcement and the security state, usually from the perspective of surveillance and militarization. In 2020 (like everyone else) I did my fair share of reporting on COVID-19.

Check out my clips portfolio for more details.

my skills

I write clean, timely copy, delivered in your preferred format.

I can find stuff that others don't, sometimes using techniques which are often now discussed under the rubric of "open source intelligence" or "digital methods".

I can write across a range of styles and requirements. Investigative work on my beat is what I work at most, but I am a columnist, I have done extensive media reporting and general news and feature writing.

where to read my work

Most of my work to date has appeared at The Guardian, where I have some 400 bylines. I write investigative reportage, features, and some media criticism for their US edition. I am a regular columnist for the Australian edition.

But I will continue to get around. I have been working recently with the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch team on neo-nazi accelerationist group, The Base. I co-authored an in-depth investigation of the Boogaloo movement at Bellingcat. I have reported locally for Willamette Week. I have written essays for the Sydney Review of Books.

I also co-author an email newsletter, The End, with journalist Corey Pein.

That's just a selection, and I'm open to all commissions.

Did I mention that my clips portfolio can be viewed right on this website.

other stuff...